Kota Kinabalu port

Kota Kinabalu Port,
3rd Floor, Wisma Pelabuhan, Jln Tun Fuad Tanjung Lipat Locked Bag 75, 88992 Kota Kinabalu
Sabah, Malaysia.
Tel No: 088-538500
Fax No: 088-254089

for more info go to Sabah Ports Sdn Bhd

misc information
- Container terminal calls Sepangar Bay Container Port (BCP), draft limit 12 M
- Break bulk terminal calls Sabah Port, draft limit 9.2M
- Private Jetty calls SD Warisan, draft limit 2.5M
- Vessel need to drop anchor at quarantine or pilot station : Long : 116D 03′ 38″ E.  Lat : 06D 01′ 34″ N thereafter to proceed to berth at SP.
- Should vessel load at Sepangar Bay anchorage, vessel direct to loading point : 116D 06’156″E. Lat 06D 04’087N
- Break bulk operation at anchorage is viable and the draft is 12M, hence alonside barging at SD Warisan also no doubt.
- SBCP – 2 unit s  / 350 tons  & one unit 100 tons Harbour Mobile Cranes
- Timber and plywood operation is done thru barge to anchorage loading at SP and SD Warisan Jetty.
- 30% surcharge for pilotage & tugboat after 1800 – 0700hrs, Sunday and P.Holiday.
- DG cargoes MUST directly delivery. DG cargo for re-stow is not encourage.
- No much congestion at all ports concerned. Operation work through is applicable but with extra stevedorage rate as per Port Tariff.
- Port stevedore could operate the vessel crane and vessel operator is not permitted.

Port Limits
The limits of the Port of Kota Kinabalu shall be ” Gaya Bay and waters to the south west bounded by a line joining Tanjong Aru and the northern point of Pulau Gaya thence a line to Gaya Head including rivers entering same for a distance of 600 feet inland from the mouth of the river “. (Source: Sabah Ports Sendirian Berhad)

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